We are looking for sponsors who are willing to support us in raising  funds for my sister education to become a dentist.

About the Fundraiser


My sister Priya is doing her second year – BDS in Asan dental college.

To become a doctor and serve people has been her life long dream. She aims to help as many people as she can.  She chose BDS over MBBS due to her interest. We are excited to have our first BDS in our family. She is an excellent student who passed first class in her first year. Due to sudden financial difficulties, we are unable to fund her studies right now. We are in dire need of your help. Suddenly her dream is in jeopardy. Kindly help this young woman fulfil her dream to be of service to the society.


Little drops makes an ocean, like wise your contribution will help her regain her confidence.


Thanks in advance for your good thoughts in aiding our little star shine.



Source: ketto.org