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Mizoram faces worst floods in 50 years, hundreds homeless


Right now, nearly 450 houses have been have been submerged or damaged by the floods and landslides. We must act now.

The worst rains in nearly 50 years have caused heavy floods in various parts of Mizoram.

A major landslide occurred near Vaivakawn, blocking National Highway 54 that connects Aizawl to Lengpui airport.

People are struggling to get clean drinking water and there is an urgent need to provide food & water supplies and sanitation support.


An outbreak of a major water and sanitation crisis in the worst affected district Lunglei and other locations such as Aizawl and Serchip looks imminent.

With a breakdown in communication and their homes submerged in the floods, people in Mizoram are in need of drinking water, food supplies and shelter.

74 buildings, including the indoor stadium and the Integrated Child Development Services centre, were also inundated in Tlabung town. In the Tlabung subdivision, more than 1,500 families are reported to have been affected by the floods.


Right now, thousands face severe water shortage, across the affected areas in Mizoram.

The people in Mizoram have lost a lot in the floods. And now they are facing a shortage of food and clean drinking water. The risk of this crisis is escalating rapidly. We must act now.

Young Mizo Association is already working on the ground and with your support we can save and protect the worst-affected people across the flood affected regions. We will be providing emergency food rations, water, sanitation facilities and hygiene support to the affected people.

We cannot stand by and wait for this crisis to deepen. Please give what you can today. The funds raised on this page will be donated to The Young Mizo Association. The funds will be used for relief and rehabilitation of the flood affected.



Source: Ketto.org