In recent times the Venezuelan government facing hard times on tackling its political and also the economic crisis. On opposing the current ruling government, several people started to protest against the socialist government. Few weeks before the mass protest event turn to be a violent in the Venezuela against the ruling government for the crisis. Now, one of the police helicopter was hijacked and attacked the supreme court of the Venezuela. The helicopter attack was carried by the rebellion against the Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela.

The Helicopter Attack

Few days before, the Venezuelan media quoted that one of the aircraft fired around 15 shots against the interior ministry and dropped about 4 grenades over the Supreme Court. While during the firing incident, the top level judges of the state Venezuela were held at a meeting inside the Supreme Court.

In response to the helicopter attack, the president of the Venezuela announced the attack as the terrorist attack and created a chaos. However, it seems to be the attack carried by the rebellion police pilot Oscar Perez against the current ruling president of Venezuela.

Video Footage

Meanwhile, there has been a video footage which is shared virally in social media which shows the clear picture of the Venezuelan police helicopter circling over the city and Supreme Court before its start firing. There has been a loud firing heard all over the city once the helicopter initiated firing.


Also the footage along with certain images circling in social media helps to identify the pilot Perez waving a banner in which the word “Liberty” written along with the number “350”.  From the month of April, several protest burst out against the current ruling government and turns out to be a violent. Owing to that about 75 people have lost their lives and several hundred people injured.