He is down to Earth, Baahubali star Prabha

There is no movie lover would be not aware about the name Prabhas, who played the lead role of movie series Baahubali. Though his movie Baahubali keep ahead of several all time records of many top Hindi films, still the hero Prabhas faces towards the earth, even after getting such a big success all over the world.

He thanks to his fans for the success of the film and he gives all credit to his fans and mainly to film director SS rajamouli for giving such wondrous project.


image : bollywoodlife.com

Prabhas is not only appreciated and respected for his lead role of Baahubali but also stay in heart of people because of his calm nature.

He is so simple person that he spends most of his free time by cracking jokes and spending time with the work boys during the shoot. He never showed his stardom to persons who is working under him. Prabhas a real hero apart from the camera face.