Gulf Diplomatic crises: UAE demands guaranteed road map before mending ties with Qatar

The political and diplomatic crises are severe in the Middle East Muslim countries, though it is one of the regular happening in that part of the world. Recently, several gulf countries which includes Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain has shuts all their links with the Qatar by pointing that it Doha being linked with the extremism in form of money and media partnership.

Biggest Diplomatic Crisis

With respect to the action taken by the several Middle East Muslim countries against the Qatar would leads to the biggest diplomatic crisis. The UAE president Mr. Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan recently expressed his mending ties with Qatar will be possible only if it “guarantees the road map”.


Few days before several gulf countries including Saudi Arabia has forced Qatar airways to shut its entire operation from its nation and asked all Qataris to leave the region within the next 14 days time period. However, the Qatar government has denied the entire allegations which are opposed by the countries placed.

United States Involvement

The diplomatic crisis raised after the recent visit of the U.S president Mr. Donald Trump to middle eastern part of the world, where he meet about 50 Middle east country leaders in a summit. Over the years the United States of America closely monitoring the activities of the Qatar on its stand and support for the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

Well, it is pretty known that the U.S air base is still fighting against the Islamic States Group of Jihadists in recent years and now the allegations which are placed against the gas rich emirates Qatar is widely believed that it’s the initiatives taken during the Trump Visit in the Middle Eastern Countries recently.

Qatar’s Call

On responding to the allegations placed by the gulf countries, Qatar strongly opposed it, particularly on the concern over the media campaign against the emirates. Also there has been the allegation like Qatar was the backbone of the hacking of several official news agencies in the regions in order to turn the news into their supportive form.

Rising tensions in the Gulf Region

For the past few days, the tension in the gulf region is raised tremendously particularly UAE and Saudi Arabia bans it’s all ties with the Qatar and forced shutdown activity of Qatar airways from their regions completely by asking Quatrains to leave the country.