Google the biggest search engine system in internet has slapped with whooping amount $2.7 billion fine from the European Union.  It’s not a first for a tech giant to face such fine from EU, for the past 7 years of investigation EU has implemented fines on several companies which are considered as the dominant tech giant in today’s market. However, the latest investigation on Google’s search results over the shopping sites results as the huge amount of fine which is double when compared with previous one.

Reason why EU slapped Google?

As per the charges of European Union’s antitrust regulator, the search engine giant Google uses its search engine results in favor of its own shopping-comparison services leaving the third party sites to its result page bottom and the direct seller sites are likely to be viewed from its 3rd or 4th pages.

Since, the Google’s search engine is literally becomes the gateway of internet, the EU regulator worries that Google making use of the consumer’s traffic to its own profit by taking advantage illegally.

Action against Google’s unfair advantage

After investigating the tech giant’s dominant on search engine’s results, the Danish Politician and the European commissioner Margrethe Vestager contemned the action of tech giant and imposed the whopping amount of $2.71 billion as fine. Following that she added that Google needs to treat equally the rival shopping comparison sites with its services within next 90 days. By failing it needs to pay the fine of 5% amount from its daily revenues.



Google’s Response

While responding to the announcement of EU, Mr. Kent Walker the general counselor of Google conveyed the Google’s respectful disagreement over the decision taken by the EU regulator and the Google will review it deeply and will consider an appeal in short duration.