A proper scrubbing of every medical record from the search does not fail to limit possibilities of leaks, errors and hacks by medical institutions. Google has commenced removing all private medical records from its search results subsequent to an adjustment in its policy about the personal information.

Confidential medical records

The most recent change of Google on Thursday plays a leading role behind the confidential nature of the personal medical records of every private person. Google may remove unprompted from the entire search results. Some other examples of these details are bank account numbers, images of signatures, credit card numbers and government issued identification numbers.

Once private medical records of an individual leaked, it leads to emotional and financial damages to him or her. This unfavorable situation leads to the exposure of the private life of the vulnerable. The indexing system of Google captures everything accessible by public on the Internet. For example, a leakage of over 43,000 patient records in December uploaded by an Indian pathology lab.

A change to the removal policy

The most recent change in the removal policy of Google took place in 2015. This change was about uploading or sharing sexually explicit or nude images without consent to cover that revenge porn.


image: newburghgazette.com

Google’s traditional hands-off will be changed by the new addition to scrubbing policy. The algorithmic approach resists every attempt at censorship. Spread of ever-increasing misinformation and fake news are important factors behind the decision of Google to amend its policy. However, sensitive information of private individuals can be accessed from other search engines.