Google hires Apple’s lead SoC architect with plans to build its own microchips

Currently, Google Inc has a new plan to make the own microchips so they has recently hired Manu Gulati who is the lead SoC architect in Apple Inc. Google company has hired him to satisfy the plan of building its own microchips for the future generation of pixel tablets and smart phones. Here also he has a same designation as the lead SoC architect who has a greater responsibility to maintain his team to design the wonderful chipsets of its own for the future generation Google phones. He was a lead SoC/chief chip architect at Apple Company and he is the well known face behind the custom A-series chipsets of the Cupertino based company.


Gulati recently resigned his job from Apple and joined in Google for the same designation and responsibility to prepare own chipsets for the smart phones. Along with his post, Google Inc has been already posting several SoC related job opportunities including mobile SoC architect, hardware engineer, mobile SoC memory architect and more. All these job options are coming under the category of SoC architects to work for designing the new chipsets for the future generation tablets and smart phones. A lot of mobile manufacturers are currently using their own chipsets for releasing their phone with special powers. So, Google company also desire to build its own powerful chipsets to ultimately provide the own microchips for their future generation pixel smart phones in order to provide an excellent smart phone experience to the users.