It seems like internet giant Google has no hesitate on acquiring a small firm which has potential in it, recently, the giant has merged the bangaluru based AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) startup company Halli Labs.

About Halli Labs

If you are not aware about the Halli labs, here is the information the AI and ML company Halli labs is just came to existence for about few months ago literally it will be nearly 4 in numbers. The word ‘Halli’ refers a small village in Karnataka. However, after witnessing the potential of the startup company, Google joined the Halli labs with its Google’s Next Billion user’s effort.

To be open, Halli Labs is the first Indian based company acquired by the internet giant Google. To be frank, there is no clear detail about the company Halli Labs and its scale, however, the core team members and founders Pankaj Gupta and Pradhuman Jhala was ex-employees of Stayzilla. After the shut shop of Stayzilla, the chief architect Jhala and Gupta who was positioned as chief product officer and chief technology officer in the firm Stayzilla has founded Halli Labs.


Google’s Plan

By acquiring Indian based tech startups, Google eyes on catching the emerging Indian market in online. The works carried by the Halli Labs “Speed recognition” and “Natural language Processing”. Though, the company yet to deliver any products to the consumers or shipped any products to other companies, the company shared a post about its intention of giving “super human powers to all of us humans in letting us to do whatever we want to do, better”.