Angela Merkel has started out the way for gay marriage to be legalized in Germany after she necessary a free elect in parliament on the problem.

The activities of the previous Two days lay simple the way Mrs Merkel operates Germany. That the chancellor still dominates her country’s state policies after 12 years at its helm is amazing. Six golden rules underpin her success:

Learn from previous elections. Mrs Merkel’s governmental technique is a summation of training obtained during previous activities with the German electorate.

Constantly review your previous roles. Mrs Merkel is not a generous. She is a Religious democrat. So her previous resistance to equivalent marriage and to adopting by same-sex partners was probably honest.

Do not move quicker than public opinion. Mrs Merkel frantically income and takes in surveys. Her political genius is to predict changes in viewpoint at certain amazing minutes, but also to judge when a long-term move has achieved the point of common approval.

Close down factors behind those to hate you. In the Anglo-Saxon world, it may happen to think of selection strategies as being about convincing people and making them like you. This disregards another side of campaigning: reducing the turnout of those who support your competitors.

Triangulate regularly. Last month Mrs Merkel talked at a women’s peak in Germany, connected to Germany’s G20 presidency. She was requested whether she was a feminist. Most political figures would have said yes or no and done their best job of describing their place.


Move fast when events demand it. Mrs Merkel is commonly ponderous and reflective. In colloquial German, the action-word “merkeln” now indicates “to prevaricate”. Yet the chancellor can create unexpected goes, bolting to seal off rivals’ political territory.

These six laws illustrate the situations for and against Mrs Merkel. To her followers, her responsiveness to public moods and her mix of caution and opportunism create her an exceptional Democrat.