Five Reasons why Macron won the Elections

The recently held French presidential election has uprooted political earthquake in the country. Being a one of the member of the most unpopular French government in a year ago, Macron had a tremendous growth and won the presidential election race at the age of 39. Here are the top five reasons that showcased by several political experts over the Macron winning the election.

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  1. Opposed Marine Le Pen

The main factor which grabbed lot of attentions of French people is he opposed the former president Mr. Marine Le Pen. That eventually gathered the angry people who are against Le Pen administration towards him.

  1. Positivity of Macron

Macron appears to be always positive and it gains popularity and trust over the voters during the election campaign. To be open, he is still young and with full of energy, more importantly he eager to do something new in politics.

  1. Innovative Approach

Unlike any candidates, Macron did something new which obama did during his election campaign in 2008. Apart from appointing around 25,000 volunteers to interview the voters, he insists the interview to be held in depth and around 15 minutes has been spent with each voter during the election campaign.

  1. Perfect Judgment

Macron sensed the perfect timing to step into politics as the people started to hate the government and started to rate the political parties low.

  1. Luck Factor

One can’t ignore the luck fortune played favor of him during this election. As the both ruling and opposing parties faced a public drubbing, it creates a perfect environment for him in this election.