Often you might hear about the talk “Attitude of gratitude”, yes it is true. It can really make the difference when you are intended to re-program yourself, especially while facing your failures. When you attitude is on high range, you can achieve the maximum results at best.

Some of the three positive attitudes which can really help to overcome your failure are

  1. Making a witting Attempt
  2. Creating a Avowal Statement on your own
  3. Picking your good skills

With these three attitudes, you can well overcome any sort of failures you are facing on your entrepreneurship. The perfect example for proving the attitude overcoming the failure would be the owner of the event management company in Afghanistan, Mr. Maj Suneel Shetty.

The event management company started by the three Indian entrepreneurs, who are friends has only soul aim of conducting an event by inviting a bollywood stars at Kabul. Within few months of starting, the company managed to conduct a major concert by inviting a popular Bollywoold singer, however, things went against them the show ended with an accident leaving the company a huge debt of 200,000 USD followed by legal problems during the year 2005.


Image: mayrsom.com

Though, the owner has the way to run away from the afghan he had different ideas to overcome his failure. He somehow managed to convince the other partners to divide the financial debt equally which comes around 60,000 USD each and they managed to clear the debt and went on to form a bigger company in Kabul with the net employees of over 600.

The move taken by the founder at the time of the failure here stands as the pillar for his growth which he is enjoying. He also quoted that the he still remember the disaster and angry local vendors of afghan on pulling the event at Kabul.

His personal life would be the perfect example for proving the attitude of the entrepreneurs stands tall against their failures.