The Hassan is a young man who had succeeded in his career in Saudi Arabia and his name was famous all over the world as the best business man. He runs the automobile business and he stays in the higher positions. His family business was around some billions and he ranks the 12th wealthiest Arabs in the world. He also owns a soccer league and the other Naomi Campbell and he just attracts other people through his attractive business and speech.


Many wonder after seeing him and all feel crazy on him and try to fall in love with him. Still many people wait to have a date with the Hassan Jameel. The Rihanna attracts everyone through her innovative model and he rocks by his extraordinary business.

He is the deputy vice president and acts as the vice chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel Domestic. When you want to know about him a day is not enough and he is the owner of every ones heart.

It is the best jackpot to have Hassan as the boyfriend

After knowing everything about him all would be just impressed on him. Now he is having a secret dating with the Rihanna who is the supermodel. Every business person takes him as a role model and work as like him to reach the top. But he again tries to start up with the new business and working towards that to move forward in the business ranking and to pull the others below. When someone reads the history about him no doubt 100% all would fall in love with him.