Facebook, Twitter are driving greater data consumption in country

Users of social media throughout the nation in recent years get the best improvement in their lifestyle. They enhance their proficiency in different sectors and get in touch with the best communities on online. They are willing to spend their leisure in social media channels and websites. They feel happy to share their content with friends in social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Image: moneycontrol.com

The role of social media

Social media plays the most important role in the routine life of every user of the Smartphone. All users of any brand of the latest mobile these days explore facilities in online. They keep up to date with happenings around the world through the social media. The most recent research about Smartphone users and social media in India has revealed that every Smartphone user will consume 11 gigabytes of data every month within a next decade.

Ericsson Mobility Report 2017

Indian consumers of mobile phones and social media facilities are increasingly watching their favorite genres of videos. They take advantage of the live video streaming facilities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They consume more than estimated data by watching live videos and sharing video content in the social network on a regular basis.

High data traffic of the nation defends on several factors at this time. On the other hand, some of these factors are ever-increasing mobile banking transactions, live video streaming, multimedia consumption and digital payments. Every recognized mobile network operator is willing to attract target audience by their disruptive pricing strategies. Once Smartphone users have bought a package of services from the mobile operator, they are keen to explore the digital world further.

The maximum mobile data traffic in the nation in recent years is due to the Smartphone traffic. Experts in digital data consumption rate in the country these days predict that data traffic will be increased at the rate of 40% and reached almost eight Exabyte of data every month.