Everyday 5 foods that might be messing with you


1. Citrus


Image source: food52.com

Citrus plays a crucial role as it adds big pop of flavour to whatever you are drinking or eating. Lots of beneficial things like antioxidants and vitamin C are filled with these colorful fruits. But, you should not overuse it as you may end up with tooth decay. Highest acidity count is present at lemons and limes, but the grapefruit offers lower counts.

2. Milk


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There is no alternative for milk as most of the people cannot live without it. Milk and some other dairy products like ice-cream can cause stomach troubles for many people. Lactose is a one type of sugar presents in milk and it difficult your digest process. You want to remove the lactose from thing and enjoy a big glass of cold milk when you are craving.

3. Cheese


Image source: blog.foodnetwork.com

It is really hard to say no to a dazzling cheese. You want to be aware that cheese is high in saturated fat and it contains lactose. These two combinations can cause intestinal tract. In that case, you can prefer to intake hard cheeses such as ricotta or Brie cheese as they are lower in lactose.

4. Bread


Image source: www.muscleandfitness.com

You can find gluten in many items like bread, tortillas and pasta. This kind of substances is mostly present in wheat and produces the striking elasticity in dough. Further, it turns into crusty loaves and crave worthy. When you feel bloating, muscle pain or fuzzy brain, it is because of high gluten consumption. You want to evaluate how much you are consuming or try some gluten-free items.

5. Nuts


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Lots of crunch and tons of protein can be acquired from a handful of nuts. If you feel itchy mouth or extra bloated, that handful of proteins may be the trigger. You want to limit the intake of nuts when you find redundant symptoms as nuts are high in fermentable carbohydrates.