Emma Watson switched from her red carpet dress to a jump suit

After facing lot of critics on being a bad example of feminism by posing top less in a recently held photo shoot,  the harry potter’s girl rocked the premiere show of her movie flick “Beauty And The Beast” in Hollywood.


Image: dailymail.co.uk

Emma Watson Striking Plunging Jumpsuit

The 26 year old harry potter’s girl opted jumpsuit by reveling her slim waist and décolletage. Her appearance along with her fresh make up gave an elegant look and gives the feeling of being with natural beauty.

Earlier, she appeared in pure organic silk dress, which is specially designed by Italian-woven. However, she opted to change her fashion appeal by switching into black-off shoulder jumpsuit. It doesn’t matter what outfit she chooses to be in red carpet, she would be always an attractive icon for all media and never fails to express her fashion statement strongly from her childhood.