Dakota Johnson is more comfortable with “Fifty shades …” sequel

The lead actresses of Fifty Shades… sequel reveled that she was more comfortable with her co-star Jamie Dornan and also with the filming crew in the currently filming movie sequel “Fifty Shades of Darker”.

Earlier this month the movie crew released its first premiere in the London, however, there was wild protest against the movie as it portraits more sexual content and domestic abuse. Meanwhile, the movie actresses Dakota Johnson confirmed that the upcoming movie flick of her will satisfy all the classes and nothing was portrayed wrongly in the movie.


Image source: newsdog.today

The actresses also added that the protesting people must watch the movie and it will leave them a strong message to empower the women in the society. Talking about the comforts, the co-star Dornan pointed that there is nothing forced in-between us when filming the bold scenes which are required by the movie script.