Coursera raises $ 64 million in series D funding


Coursera raises $ 64 million in series D funding

Coursera one of the U.S based education based technology companies founded by the Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller who are the Stanford professors, the company which offers online courses to its members all over the world. Having more than 25 million users all across the global, the firm seems to be standing pretty strong in the online based education platform.

Coursera in India

India one of the potential source for all technological firms, the online education platform Coursera is not an exception. With the average of adding around 60K users from the nation India, the Coursera manages to acquire around 1.7 million users across the nation. Now India becomes the second largest market after United States for the ed-tech company beating china.


Series D Funding Operation of Coursera

With the intention of boosting the ed-tech sector all over the world, the company Coursera which is the leading ed-tech company of the world started its Series D funding campaign. So far the company manages to collect around $64 million. As far as the company’s statement over the collected funds under the “Series D”, those funds are about to be utilized for the business expansion of the firm to the corners of the world and to improve the innovative features of the product being introduced by the company in future.

Comments from CEO of Coursera

On responding to the funds collected by the Ed-tech company all over the world, the CEO of the firm Mr. Rick Levin exclaims that “the funds collected by the firm boost the involvement on making innovative changes in the process of delivering the quality education in online by the firm and it enhance the firms initiatives for its expansion to every corners of the world”.

So far, the Ed-tech company has released two of its products one for its B2B offerings ‘Coursera for Business’ and another for non-profit ‘Coursera for Governments’.