The China’s president Xi Jinping visits Hong Kong to celebrate the 20th year of anniversary of returning the Hong Kong territory by Britain to china. Ever sing the Xi Jinping sworn as the president of China in 2012, his first visit over the Hong Kong territory was raised the political tense all over the nation. Also there has been proper celebration plans are done by the officials and also protest against the president by the Pro-democracy and Pro-Beijing camps in the city.

History of Hong Kong

In year of 1997, the Britain government returned the Hong Kong back to Chinese rule under a unique systems and judicial independent “One Country, Two Systems”. Followed which, the Beijing government had promised that the capitalist system followed in the Hong Kong would be disturbed for at-least 50 which is up the year 2047. However, the Chinese government hasn’t announced what might happen after that time period.

While looking back history of the Chinese rule Hong Kong, there has been major rift created all over the streets of Hong Kong during the year 2014 by protesting against the Chinese involvement in the Hong Kong’s constitutional. And severe protest against the visit of Chinese President to Hong Kong was planned by several activists all over the city. While analyzing those, several security protocols are implemented all over the city owing to the President’s visit to Hong Kong.


Thousands of police members are expected to be gather near by the hotel in which Chinese president about to stay during the anniversary celebrations. As far as the record concern, the Chinese president Xi would be the first Chinese president to visit the Hong Kong territory, where the city itself has the first lady leader Carrie Lam.  There no doubt over the political tense in the Hong Kong territory due to the visit of the Chinese president.