China’s $ 500 Billion push to change the world

China one of the most promising developing countries of the world, in fact its rapidly claiming its spot as the fastest growth nation in terms of economics. So far the country ranks the second when it comes to listing the largest economy nations of the world. The Chinese president Xi Jinping is about to expand the influences of the nation to the whole planet by unleashing it’s all new reformed plan of “One Belt One Road” policy.


As per the policy, the trade activities and business growth will be increased by connecting the Asia, Europe and Middle East countries along with the Africa. In order to take the project to the next level, the Chinese president Xi Jinping is about to hose almost 30 world leaders in next few days at the Beijing. The move has been highlighted as the push taken by the Chinese in the world economy by several social and as well as the political activities.

Investment carried by the China

So far, the dream project of china has cost around $50 million since the year 2013 in which the project One Belt One Road. However, the official statement of the Chinese government quoted that it is ready to invest around $500 million more for the development of the project One Belt One Road which can be beneficial for around 62 countries. The experts all over the world quoted that the nation china has moved to the next level of its globalization policy and it can named as Globalization 2.0