China In touch with Russia over India’s NSG bid

China one of the important member in NSG blocking India to become a member of NSG club for the past few years. In order to sort out the issue, the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has expressed an statement that India is about to get in touch with the Russia regarding gaining the membership status of NSG club few days ago. In political point of view, the statement released by the Indian external minister has gained lot of positivity on India’s NSG Bid.


China’s Response on India seeking Russia’s aid

As a response to the statement released by the Indian external minister, the Chinese foreign minister Hua Chunying quoted that the china is pretty strong on its “Two Step Approach” and never falls back on their term regarding admitting NON-NPT countries into the NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group).  She also added that the China is in touch with the Russia over India’s bid on becoming the member of the NSB club.

Political Plot

After no positivity over the talks held in-between Indian officials and Chinese officials over the India’s bit on becoming the NSG member, now India had approached Russia’s help in order to convince Beijing on this issue. As far as the India’s concern, the countries Russia and China are maintaining good and close communication and that can able to convince Beijing to lose its stand against the non-NPT countries on becoming NSG members.

However, on the other hand, the Chinese foreign minister Hua on the recently held press meet clearly explained that the china will always stands on this statement on allowing the non-NPT countries like Indian from becoming the members of NSG.

During the press meet she also quoted that the, members of NSG especially China and Moscow have pretty good relationship in form of communication and it will drive all the members to withhold the principles of the NSG, without referring the statement given by the Indian external affairs minister Sushma.

On following the act of India on applying for becoming member of NSG club, Pakistan too applied for the same. After the incident, china step into the action of implementing two-step approach in order to block the non-NPT countries on availing the membership status of NSG.

Hua on CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor)                 

Hua also pointed that, CPEC is completely an economic corridor with whooping $50 billion and its nothing to do with the territory dispute between Pakistan and India.