China Deploys rocket launchers on disputed South China Sea Island

Recently, china has installed few rocket launchers in its South China Sea Island, political experts considered this act as the response to the Vietnamese military combat drivers. In recent past, china showing its interest on constructing its military control in South China Sea by quoting it as the defensive requirements.

However, the United States of America has not welcomed the move taken by the Chinese government and its steps taken to improve the militarization followed the act of launching the missile to the man made island in the South China Sea. The device which was launched by the Chinese military has the ability to discover and demolish the enemy’s combat drivers.

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As per the data released by the Chinese government, it has installed CS/AR-1 55mm rocket defensive system in the man made island of South China Sea.  With respect to the reports cited in major newspapers, china is has already installed similar kind of system technically known as the DP-65 anti driver grenade launcher in the parts of the Fiery Cross over the decade. The region Fiery Cross is under the governance of the Chinese proficiency, however, the same also been claimed by the Philippines, Taiwan and also by Vietnam.

In response to the strong critics by several nations all over the world, the Chinese proficiency announced that the action taken by the Chinese military forces it properly controlled under the maritime disputes and also it’s purely taken in order to maintain peace and stability over the South China Sea.