Actually Beijing is called the presence of United States warship which may near to the borderline Island at South China Sea and it is considered as the serious military and political provocation.  In fact China is responded by sending armed forces fighter jets and vessels to Island. At the same time US has constantly advised China against its aggressive and occupation retrieval of Islands at the disputed waters. Actually United States conducted the program which is called as “freedom of navigation” and it challenges the excessive claims to world’s airspace and oceans. It might be developed to guarantee all countries hold to UN maritime rules. This kind of the program operates via diplomacy and operational assertions by US consultation and military with other kinds of governments.


To know about the South China Sea dispute

In fact opponent countries might have disputed over the territory in South China Sea but the tension is increased in present years. Different kinds of the Islands and waters are claimed as a part or in whole by China, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and Vietnam. In fact China claims the biggest portion of territory and map also issued in the year of 1947. Actually UN rules dictate that any kinds of the territory might claim the water up to twelve nautical miles from its coast. The tiny island is also claimed by the Taiwan and Vietnam and China might be embroiled in the maritime disputes along with certain of its regional neighbors but US might not accept the China militarization.