Celebrate EiD in the most beautiful Mosques in the World

  1. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey


image: famouswonders.com

The historic mosque also known as the blue mosque, the main highlight of this mosque is the fully adorned with hand painted blue tails. During the night times, the entire mosque is fully enlightened in blue color with supreme lightening effects.

  1. Al Haram Mosque, Medina, Saudia Arabia


image: blog.easemytrip.com

Located in the beautiful city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia and it is one of the oldest and largest mosques which are being functioning in the world. It is one of the prime locations for all hajj-pilgrims to visit the place.  Each and every year, around 2 million pilgrims will visit the place. Entire mosque is fully equipped with modern cooling and heating systems apart from all essential amenities.

  1. Crystal Mosque, Kuala Terrengganu, Malaysia


image: urdutehzeb.com

The historical and Islamic heritage park crystal mosque is located in the island of Wan Man, often known as the one of the unique mosques of the world. In literal, the presence of this crystal mosque is the most elegant place of the country Malaysia and one of the favorite places to visit for the tourists.

  1. Al- Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem


image: lostislamichistory.com

It is one of the famous holy places in the old city of Jerusalem; the most significant fact is that the Islamic leader Muhammad was transported from this mosque to Mecca and to the heaven. The entire building is fully covered with the silver domes and fully constructed with the turquoise mosaic titles along with the golden dome.

  1. Shah Faisal Mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan


image: sacred-destinations.com

One of the priceless mosques of the neighboring country Pakistan Shah Faisal Mosque, being located in the foothills of Islamabad, the mosque has 8 sides of concrete shells and unique designs. The entire mosque is build with the inspiration of Bedouin tent.