How Modi offers with Mr Trump will partly shape the way forward for the US-India relationship. Similarly, it will say as much about the principles he symbolises as a statesman who, much like Mr Barack Obama, has promoted an international image of himself since his electoral success in 2014.

On 26 July, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is planned to hold official talks with US President Donald Trump in Washington DC in what will be the first conference between the two leaders.


President Barack Barack Obama, who met Mr Modi several times and visited Indian twice during his Obama administration, was all about the international. Mr Modi’s involvement with the Indian diaspora was not only motivated but also cheered by authorities in the White House.

A more powerful India was anticipated to partly stability the scales with regards to China’s ever-expanding impact. In return, Indian was anticipated to give little in the immediate term. This was about enjoying benefits in the foreseeable upcoming on investment strategies made by America in the present.

For the first time in 60-odd years, Mr Trump’s selection has possibly pierced (if not ended) the actual shapes of this story.

Meanwhile, corporate America is less-than-optimistic about India’s economic improvement. The Indian government’s recent decision to place price hats on certain drug products, hence harming profit margins for international companies that generate these specialised products, is likely to be one of the many issues brought up by CEO’s during a roundtable on 25 June.