Camila Cabello seemed definitely amazing on the red rug at the 2018 Grammy Prizes. Though it’s a night when many in the industry take out their craziest of looks, Camila went for an old-Hollywood glamour gown that one might be more likely to discover on the red carpet of the Oscars rather than the Grammys.

Camila used a form-fitting red soft silk gown by Vivienne Westwood, and the bustier outfit seemed as though it was held up by magic — until it wasn’t. During her interview with E!’s Ryan Seacrest on live TV, Camila’s dress began slipping a bit, and she had to quit briefly to convert around and adjust before continuing the interview.

While talking about her record Camila, which decreased last Saturday and is on top of the maps, with He Sea crest, she said the E! host, “Having it out there on the world seems really excellent. But before resuming, she said, “Wait, she has to adjust her boobs.”