British PM may has lost control of her party

After losing majority in the recently held UK’s general election, the Prime Minister Theresa May’s control over the conservative party and also over the parliament facing the downfall. Many MP’s of her government seems to be not good with the move handling by Theresa in recent times. Especially, after witnessing her policy of running open government referred as the collegiate government after being a dictatorial regime for few initial months of her rule.

May’s Political alliance to retain government

In order to gain the majority in the house, the elected PM candidate of the conservative party has no other option other than approaching Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) which is the out-skirted political party from the Northern Ireland.

On the other hand the DUP members are in vital position and demands significant financial aid as the return for their support for May’s government in the house. As per the reports cited in majority of the news agencies, it was the historic moment in the UK’s politics that the country is facing some severe political crisis in order to maintain the rule.

May’s Control

The Prime Minister of British Theresa May’s act of conducting early election was named as the one of the biggest political misjudgment and after losing the majority seats in the recently held general elections. PM Theresa, losing her control over the party and also in the house, where the queen’s speech is expected to be held in about a week. Similarly, UK’s new constitutional law over the Brexit policy is about to be happened.

Crunching Situation for May

As the UK’s government is about to reveal its new terms and laws along with the Queen’s speech, the PM Theresa May is in critical situation of being unknown whether she can manages to hold the position of PM.


There has been some severe political riot happening inside her own party members where former leaders including George Osborne of conservatives labeled her as the “Dead Women Walking”. The label clearly pictures the threat on the party leadership of May.

May’s Believe

Over the week, Theresa may appear to be confused and worried about her political career whenever she appeared in front the camera. However, the only hope she hold is on the move of reshuffling the cabinet crew, regain the trust from her own party members and to get strong political allies to claim majority for form government. Let’s hope, the current PM may have changes to achieve her predictions.