Prime Minister Theresa May, known for her hard line stance on Brexit, has provided a sop to UK-based EU people by appealing to allow them to keep in Britain after the country’s exit from the economic bloc.

The statement at a Brussels summit on Thursday will come as a comfort to an approximated 3 thousand EU people residing completely in the UK, such as over 20,000 Goans who had used their Portuguese heritage to obtain EU nationality.

Addressing EU management at her first peak since the click common selection that missing her a majority in the UK Parliament, May also said she did not want anyone to have to leave or families to split up.

Under the strategy, EU people residing in the UK before a certain cut-off date will be able to keep and implement for formal residency rights, or “settled a position,” after the UK officially withdraws from the bloc. They would also be likely to be expected to obtain unique ID cards verifying their position.

The British prime minister pressured that her govt wished to guard the privileges of EU people in the UK – and the privileges of UK expats in other Europe.

Downing Street is yet to specify what the cut-off time frame will be for new citizens, after which the unique UK settled assurance would no longer apply.


It will be no earlier than March 2017, when the UK formally began leaving the EU by providing the Article 50 notice and no later than March 2019 when it will actually keep.

The PM provided her offer to EU management such as Angela Merkel over a working dinner.

She was instantly needed to go away so the other 27 EU leaders could talk about how Brexit discussions have started.

The deal with came after a serious force by EU leader for the UK to think again on Brexit.