Best 7 places to spend Christmas


Zurich, Switzerland

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Christmas is celebrated in a grand way in Zurich with more than 12000 crystal lights and of course the famous hot chocolate. You can explore the different galleries and also watch out for the Conelli Christmas Circus to name a few.

Nuremberg, Germany

It is known worldwide for its Nuremberg Christmas Market, which attracts more than 2 million people a year during the month of Christmas. You get real and authentic hand-made toys in this market place. There are more than 200 venders who come together during the time Christmas.

Boston, USA

During the month of Christmas Boston is filled with holiday markets, frozen lakes, festive shows and candle light carols. It is yet another place to enjoy and celebrate Christmas like nowhere else.

Salzburg, Austria

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Another superb place to celebrate Christmas is surely Austria. The nativity play of this Salzburg is a must watch. You also will be able to witness the unusual Yuletide tradition.

Lapland, Finland

With many people saying that North Pole is the official home of Santa Claus, celebrating Christmas in Finland can be a great idea. The Lapland part of the country is known for its Christmas celebrations with children making ginger cookies, Ranua Zoo of the baby polar bears, to the wolverines and the moose.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 

This city of Mexico turns to become even more colorful and eventful during the time of Christmas. During this time of the year there are theatrical processions around the town along with fireworks, live music, dancing and posadas. You also get a special kind of fruit drink here during Christmas, which is a much try.

Alaska, USA

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During Christmas Alaska is full of winter carnivals, ice-carving competitions, dogsledding races and snowshoeing expedition. It is a perfect place to visit during Christmas and see the festival come alive with snow and light. At the Santa Claus Street you will be able to spot the 42- feet tall statue of Santa Claus.