Beijing plans to turn Pakistan into its Economic colony

China’s long-term plans for Pakistan would do the East India Company extremely pleased. Suggestions for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor exposed in Pakistani paper Dawn envisage countless numbers of miles of the farming area being rented to China businesses to set up business presentation tasks and a fibre-optic system that will accomplish the distribution of Chinese culture.

The proposals seem to validate that Pakistan will become an economic colony of China as CPEC will help China tense up its ideal accept of its friend and provide it connection from Xinjiang to the Arabian Sea at Gwadar in Balochistan.

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The range and opportunity of the plan are spectacular, displaying a deep transmission into Pakistan’s economic life. This could have several effects for Indian – Pakistan’s sovereignty could be given up to China passions and China would be irritatingly close to India’s boundaries in the east and western.

The professional says that the scale of OBOR is even larger than the one performed by the Britishers in the Nineteenth Century. The OBOR project envisages the development of a labyrinth of road, train and port projects through a number of nations to plug landmass China to markets in Asia and Europe.

Pakistan is expecting that CPEC would convert its economic system in the future in the way it has never occurred before. But the problems, which Pakistan has obviously either selected to disregard or approved to engage in its anti-India guidelines, lie in the details of the CPEC project which clues at colonial designs of China.