Approx. 100 Countries hit in global cyber attack

A large-scale cyber strike is verified on roughly 75,000 computer devices of around 100 countries on May 12, 2017. According to the media reviews, the most potential reason is the protection defect found in Microsoft windows OS, which permitted cyber hackers to leap into the system.

Experts say that the US National Security Agency (NSA) resources were thieved to bring out the strike. Medical centers have been focused in the UK. This has impacted the medical service. The employees are not able to use them due to computer systems and phone closures. Many services people aren’t able to find and patients with the delicate situation had to move to another place. Hackers have confronted to remove all information if they are not given bit coins worth $ 300.


Cyber strike reviews on hospitals in London, Blackburn, Cambria, Nottingham, and Hertfordshire. Cell phone and IT systems have been stopped. Physicians have to use paper-pens. Looking at the cyber strike, doctors stopped all the appointments with patients.