Android Nougat release news

The internet giant Google’s never fails to satisfy its customers when it comes to updating its smart phone operating system Android’s versions. Google planning to update its current versions of Android 7.0 to 7.1.2, which they named as the Android N (Nougat), it’s their seventh major version of the mobile phone OS android.

The upcoming OS of android 7.1.2 would be the latest one which can operates the both mobile phones and as well as the tablet gadgets. However, the upgrades are restricted to certain mobile models like Nexus series and Google Pixel C. As per the news gathered from the trusted sources, it is believed that in next few weeks the existing Android 7.0 would get upgraded to 7.1.2. When compared with the previous version of Android version, the Nougat is the sweetest and dreamiest thing a user can get.

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Highlighting Features of Android Nougat

  • The upcoming upgrade OS Nougat will makes your smart phone to speak your native language, along with more than 1000 emoji icons.
  • The nougat also gives the option of handling multi window in the same screen to its users. Owing to that they can easily switch accesses.
  • Users can enjoy the high quality VR mode, with improved battery performance. Also will includes the features of customization of quick settings, replying directly from the notifications and it gives more control over the smart phone.
  • Most importantly, the Android Nougat will comes with improved security systems like file encryption mode, direct boot and so.