Seems Amazon is up for yet another debate a few days after the e-commerce giant apologized for the selling of Indian flag-themed doormats after Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj‘s tough warning to the company. Now, on its US website, Amazon has put up shoes with Mahatma Gandhi‘s face on it.

Flip flops presenting the head of Mahatma Gandhi have caused an extensive backlash in India, pushing Amazon to remove an India designed product for the second time in a week.

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The ‘Gandhi shoes,’ which were described as a pair of “foam rubberized shoes,” were for selling for $16.99. Gandhi, who led India to independence from Britain, is widely recognized in the country and is known as the Father of the Country. People took to social networking to show their dislike that the shoes were on the market on the web store.

Swaraj had required an apology and cautioned that the government would not allow charge to any Amazon official and also revoke visas released previously. Swaraj stated, “Amazon must soft unconditional apology. They must take out all products insulting our national flag immediately.” She added, “If this is not done forthwith, we will not allow Indian Visa to any Amazon official. We’ll also rescind the Visas released previously.”