In fact India is considering the advertising state owned Air India in the parts to create it attractive to possible buyers as it review selection to separate from loss making flagship carrier. Actually after successive governments spent billions of dollars, Narendra Modi provided the go-ahead for government to sell the airline.

Air India was founded in the 1930 and it is known to the generation of Indians for Maharajah Mascot. If the nation’s largest carrier and its market is shared in booming domestic market which has slumped to the 13 percent as the private carriers which includes Jet Airways and IndiaGo. As everyone knows previous attempts to the offload airline might be unsuccessful. Suppose Modi might pull this off then it will buttress his credentials as the reformer brave. In fact Air India might have six subsidiaries but three of are loss making because the assets worth was 4.6 million dollar but it might estimate 1.24 million dollar worth of real estate which includes hotel.

Is back to Tata?

Committees of the five senior federal ministers are mostly led by the Arum Jaitley finance minister. In fact government might not have business being in the travel and hospitality so finance minister suggested prime minister to sell as much of the Air India. In recent week, civil aviation minister and Modi office met the Ratan Tata. Actually Tata might be the attractive buyer for government and this company was operated and founded Air India before it was nationalized in the year of 1953.


In fact Tata will make and forward the best offer and Modi office to work out how much every Air India subsidiaries might worth. Actually splitting airline is useful to increase the value for the government as well as single buyer can’t buy the entire state owned company.