Everyone knows that AI-Jazeera is the largest satellite network in the Arabic country and it is used to broadcast several numbers of channels. This Pan-Arab satellite network said on Saturday that twitter account for the main Arabic language channel is being suspended. The source at the Qatar based broadcasting network that is already caught up in the diplomatic and economic disagreement between the Arab powers and Qatar.


Image: an24.net

AI Jazeera broadcasting network:

Many people have already seen the tweet on another Twitter feeds about the twitter account of the AI Jazeera is now suspended due to the reason to be an organized campaign and also it is considered to be a necessary work to obtain the service back. It is an unknown fact that who is behind this suspected campaign. After getting the attention of several followers after the suspension, the main twitter account of the network AI Jazeera is now working again on the twitter network and it has been noticed on the Twitter news feeds through tweets. As it is the flagship broadcasting network in Qatar, it is the major target of the economic and diplomatic prohibit by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and also Egypt. This is why it is now in the endangering stability in the area.

Some of other bad Arab powers are spreading the unwanted news about the AI Jazeera network as the terrorist mouthpiece and it is acting as the agent of interference in the terrorist affairs. With all these reasons, this network has now reduced its value among other broadcasters. In order to avoid all these unnecessary things, the network has actually rejected such charges and said that it will maintain its editorial independence for getting complete freedom from others. AI Jazeera network already said that it was combating a large-scale cyber attack on June 8, 2017 with the various entities remained in the operation.