7 Travel Destinations That Will Be Huge in the Next Ten Years


1. Morocco


Image source: www.lonelyplanet.com

Political instability and bombing have made this place unpopular for tourists. But improvement in all these factors can make a lot of difference in the tourism of this country. This country can offer skiing, hiking, sand dunes, and coastal resorts as well.

2. Namibia


Image source: namibia-luxury-accommodation.com

Namibia is one country that has the highest scope of becoming one of the famous tourist destinations. The wildlife, the beaches, the mountains, and the landscape; is perfect for tourists. Namibia needs to just focus on all these factors and the advantages that they have, and their tourism can bloom to a great extent.

3. Cambodia


Image source: www.bbc.co.uk

Many temples and ancient remains are becoming a popular tourist attraction of this country. This country is slowly developing and emerging from its past to a famous tourist destination.

4. Gabon


Image source: www.bootsnall.com

Gabon can be a popular county for fishing, safaris, whale watching, etc. But due to its underdeveloped infrastructure the tourists are not attracted to this place. Though slowly this place is growing but Gabon has high potential for being a popular tourist destination in the coming few years.

5. Vietnam


Image source: www.emirates.com

The Vietnam War had caused a lot of damage to the country and the country is still trying to recover from it. In the past few years’ visitors have slowly started visiting this place and the tourism of this place is growing with the war remains like Cu Chi tunnels and the Hanoi Hilton prison.

6. Burma


Image source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Burma is a beautiful country and the scenic beauty is undefinable. There are many Buddhist temples that is worth a watch. But due to its controversial military rule this place had lost all its tourists but now again is growing slowly as a tourist destination.

7. Thailand


Image source: www.planetware.com

Thailand is one majorly growing city in terms of tourism. It is a popular tourist spot in Asia with many back packers traveling to this country. The coast, resorts and the roads are a favorite of many honeymoon couples as well.