7 Things to do in Istanbul


Indulge in maritime cuisine


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It goes without saying that this place serves amazing food. Istanbul is filled with great restaurant that serve amazing food, especially sea food. Fish is the main course here and it is prepared in ample number of delicious ways. You can just sit in any local restaurant and be sure that you will be served with extremely delicious food.

Go for a Bosphorus Cruise


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Istanbul is a beautiful place and has so many things that tourists can see here. And Bosphorus Strait is one of them with such stunning beauty. A cruise on the Bosphorus is something that you just cannot miss. You can look at the seaside mansions, enjoy some seagull’s music and of course witness the beauty of the nature.

Visit the Istanbul suburbs


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The suburban areas of Istanbul is a paradise of nature. You should visit areas such as AnadoluKavağı, Kumburgaz, Polonezköy, and Ağva.

Look out for history


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There are many historical monument and buildings to see in Istanbul. This would include Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia.

Turkish bath


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It is the best place to relax in the world. The Turkish bath is a place where you can sit in hot water and getting special massage which can keep you relaxed for your lifetime. The bath has a spate section for males and females, which is good for some and bad for some.



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Istanbul is a great place to shop, be it all the latest things like jewelry, leather, spices, and top brands or buy some great antiques. There is the Antique Bazaar that that great things for you to buy. And for buying top brand you can check out the Grand Bazaar.

Shark Diving


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Well if you are an adventure lover then you surely need to go for diving in Turkuazoo. Here you can do shark diving and meet plenty of sharks, even if do not know diving. It is a lifetime experience and you should definitely go for it.