In a modern world most of the people are willing to visit Mumbai because it has excellent city attractions and it is the most influential city and there are more numbers of the reasons are there to visit Mumbai such as

  1. Local train

Local train is the best Mumbai line life and it is one of the easiest ways to reach your desire destination in Mumbai. In fact more than 7.2 million people are travel via local trains in daily because it is considered as the easy mode of transportation.

  1. Vadapav is McDonalds Burger

People who live in Mumbai always prefer street food and people can find out the delicious and tasty food in each corner of this city. In case you are not yet try any kinds of food items in Mumbai then it is the best time to try out Bhel puris and vada pav.

  1. Mumbai has excellent night life

Mumbai never sleeps at night and if it is 12 am night also you may struck in the traffic. At the same time best thing was people can easily find out taxi or auto at night so that you can safely reach home.

  1. Mumbaikar love celebrating all festival

People will celebrate the Ganesh Utsav in ten days and it might be celebrated with the Ganesh Puja, dancing and aarti. People might feel different level of the excitement in each festival such as Janmashtami Diwali and Navratri.

  1. Nariman Point at Night

People never forget the Marine drive because of cool breeze and it is the best place to spend time with your friends or family members. It is the excellent place to chilling with friends along with the cup of chai.


  1. Mumbai Street Shopping

There are huge numbers of the stalls are available in Mumbai streets and this kinds of stall offered multiple options to choose your desire dress, bags and footwear and this kind of the dress is surely coming under your budget.

  1. Mumbai Rains

In fact marine drive is looking like weather and magical because it becomes very cool. It is the perfect weekend trip to go with your friends.