7 Best looks: Kim Kardasian


Kim Kardasian always loves to wear the best look dresses to express her style and her great assets. Whether she goes for outing or shoot, she prefers to choose the latex dress. Below are the top 7 lists of best look dresses for Kim Kardasian that includes:

Too much material


Image source: www.dailymail.co.uk

This dress looks very sloppy, because it has a lot of dark layers and looks like a blankets rolled around the body. When use this dress, put a belt to add an extra look while going out. Choose one more layer to wear it as a top that looks perfect.

Oddly placed ruffles


Image source: aliexpress.com

The specialty of this dress is attractive python printed bottoms or pants that looks nice. The ruffles can add extra volume to this wear that should place nearby the hips. When place the ruffles in that place, it can hide the growing baby bumps and it is available in different sizes.

Shear breast baring fabrics


Image source: www.self.com

This wear is very sexy, pleasant and transparent. It can shows the entire detail of your top inner i.e. bra. When you wear this dress, the inner is completely visible and expose your harnessed breasts to others. If you wish, you can add an additional layer of coverage over this transparent fabric.

Poor fit


Image source: bloglovin.com

This wear looks very loose and improper unfit for women. The poor fit appears like you just rolled around improper tailoring dresses.

Too much skin


Image source: irishmirror.ie

It is especially for those who mad love for lady’s bodies. It has a curve opening at the side of a breast.

Eye popping maternity wear


Image source: usmagazine.com

The maternity wear style is looking eye-catching and designed with soft and smooth material. It is a perfect fit to wear and show off the growing baby bumps visible to others over the outfit.

Poor pattern choice


Image source: hun.moi.is

This wear is made for her to wear, when she feels to show herself in the worst dressed list.