5G soon to be launched in India

With the arrival of Reliance Jio, the internet users of India experiencing the high speed of net connective in 4G in recent time period. As per the things moving in the Indian Telecom sector, it is widely believed that the India would get the chance of matching the rest of the world in the 5G technology.

As per the records, India get its 2G connection near about 25 years when compared with the rest of the world, and for 3G it was taken about a decade delay. For 4G connections, nearly it was 5 years delay when compared with the telecom sectors of the rest of the world. But on analysis the current scenario India might get the chance of meeting the rest of the world in terms of utilizing 5G technology.


Image source:  Youtube.com

However, some experts predict that it will take 4 more years to get full fledged 5G technology in India, since near about only 15% of the exiting 600,000 mobile towers in India are connected with proper optical fibre. While the rest needed to be upgraded. Meanwhile, reliance Jio has the different environment when compared with the existing telecom giants in India. It is expected that Jio might start testing its 5G technology by the end of 2017 or by the year 2018.

On witnessing the telecom growth in the India, it is pretty sure that the nation is going face some quick development in telecom sector in order to adoption the 5G technology.