5 ways to freshen up your home in 10 minutes or less

Our home is the pride of our existence. It should always be kept spick and span to make it clean and comfortable for us all. However there are times when the house is hopelessly out of order and needs to made clean quickly if some visitors are expected. What would you do in such a case?


Image source: fairborne.com

Cleaning up your house pronto in five effective ways in ten minutes


  1. Pick up the litter: Take a good look at the floor for any traces of pet hair, crumbs or slices of food, dust, dirt, wrappers or packets which the kids may have thrown on the ground, Pick up all the litter, use a dustpan to collect the dust and chuck everything in the dustbin.
  2. Cleaning your kitchen: Now see whether the kitchen is in order. If there are any dirty dishes or utensils in the sink, wash and dry them. Make sure that all the kitchen utensils are in place and there are no dirty dishes in the sink.
  3. Decking up the living room:  Take a good look round the living room. Are there any specks of dirt on the table tops of television? Take a cloth and clean out the table tops and television top so that they remain clean.
  4. Attractive washrooms: Check whether the washrooms have all the essential toiletries, fragrant soaps and guest towels.  An attractive washroom is always a pleasure to visit.
  5. Bedrooms: Change the bed covers. Spread out attractive bed sheets for the bed is one of the first thing that  a visitor sees.