5 Ways in which technology will impact staffing

These days there is this new technological boom to recruit the appropriate people suitable for the relevant jobs. Here are 5 ways in which technology will impact staffing so take a look.


Image source: huffingtonpost.in

Proper recruitment procedures through technology

  1. These days, it is likely that many organizations would go in for video interviewing to select the right candidate for the job. It also proves to be a audio visual platform in judging whether the candidate is suitable for the job.
  2. Virtual managers can also be hired to find the right people for the job. Social networking platforms or even business cyberspace portals play a major part in this aspect.
  3. In order to garner a suitable job, it is very important to have an online resume and also get good ratings from the previous clients whom you worked for. A virtual profile works much better for the larger global audience and you will know whom to hire and which candidate can do the job well.
  4. Skype and Google hangouts or even Face book calls will replace the traditional interview methods with their video interviewing software.
  5. You may also check the company feedback by reading their Wikipedia