5 vegetables rich in Calcium


Collard greens


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Collard Greens is a rich source of calcium with one cup of collard greens having 357mg. Collard greens has a lot of health benefits with cholesterol lowering effects. The vegetable also helps in preventing cancer and has many noticeable health benefits. But one should never over cook collard greens, as the calcium gets highly reduced.

Turnip Greens


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Turnip greens is known to be one of the richest source of calcium with some biter taste. Turnips contain about 4 times more calcium than cabbage which does not taste bitter. Though there are many cooking recipes with which one can get rid of the bitter taste and still retain the calcium content of the vegetable. Regular consumption of the vegetable can be of great health benefit.



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Being one of the healthiest vegetable among all, kale is also a great source of calcium. It consists of 139mg of calcium per 100 grams. Kale is known to be lowering the cancer possibilities. There are also 45 different types of flavonoids in kale.



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Soybeans is a great source of calcium and one may find 175mg of calcium in a cup of soybeans. But then one is recommended to have only organic soybeans. This can be used with a variety of dishes and mixed with many other vegetables to make yummy dishes. There are a lot of health benefits in the consumption of soybeans. It is also a great source of fiber.



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Broccoli is a said to have high content of calcium and known to have great health benefits. Broccoli also has a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A, and dietary fiber. It is highly used for it’s cholesterol lowering benefits. It also helps for detoxification of the system. Broccoli is recommended for people who have calcium deficiency. It is known for building healthy bones as well.