5 tips to protect your hairs during Holi

The vibrantly colorful festival of Holi is coming up and the youngsters are gearing up with dry colors and water sprinklers.  After a mad bout of color scraps, your beautiful locks are bound to look equally colorful.


Image source: shareyouressays.com

 Here are five tips to protect your hairs during Holi

  1. Oil massaging your hair: There are many metal toxics and chemicals in the colors which can seriously aggravate your hair conditions.  Before going to play with the colors, oil your tresses vigorously. Use any kind of basic oil like coconut or mustard. Make sure that the oil is not too hot or too cold.
  2. Dry colors: It is much better to play Holi with dry colors. Once you have finished playing with colors, take a thick hair brush and start combing your hair vigorously. Several strokes of the hair brush will take out most of the dry colors. However this is not applicable for water colors.
  3. Protect your hair: The best solution is to wear a cap or a scarf over your hair while playing Holi. If you can wear a plastic cap which is used while taking a shower, it may look absurd but would protect your hair, while you can also enjoy your Holi.
  4. Wet colors: If your hair has become totally damaged by water colors or water sprinklers, wash out your hair thoroughly with plain water afterwards. Once your locks have become totally water washed, use a good hair shampoo to take out the colors. However it may take a few days to become completely free of the colors.
  5. Tie your hair: Never leave your hair loose while playing Holi. Always tie it up in a ponytail or a plait to make it neat and absorb less colors.