5 surprising reasons why swearing is good for you

Swearing is considered to be an unmannerly thing to do. But here are 5 surprising reasons as to why swearing is good for you.


Image source: wittyfeed.com

  1. Release of emotions

You may have had a surprisingly bad time and are facing one problem after the other. There is nothing left to do except curse your luck. Swearing will definitely release your emotions and make you feel much lighter, though it does make us appear ill mannered and uneducated.

  1. Triggering off your fighter spirits

Swearing aloud and using the forbidden words can definitely make your heart race and adrenaline pump. This would come in particularly useful if you are a sportsperson or a coach, drilling for some major event.


  1. Making people laugh

As long as your swearing attitude does not make people take offense, it is perfectly alright to laugh at it.  However make sure that no one gets antagonized in the process which will definitely amuse people!


  1. Pain reliever

It helps to release pain and bitterness if you have been having a rough patch for long. Using swear words will definitely make you feel lighter and relieve your pain.


  1. Helps to maintain good relations

You want to curse someone but using swear word will probably keep your feelings in check and also help you to maintain good relations with the person.