Depression has always been a silent killer but it is very difficult to find that a particular person is suffering from depression. When your loved ones are depressed, you can easily find it using the following signs suggested by the psychologists.

Different signs of depression:

  • Not just feeling blue – Everyone go through different ups and downs in the normal life. But when a man or woman has got an experience of extreme sadness that is a main cause of depression. However, getting the lower persistent feel is not only the major sign of the depression but the persons will also feel aggressive, anxious and even lifeless, apathetic, and empty.
  • Feeling guilty and self-worth issues – If a specific person is stressful when they are feeling depressed, they are unrealistically getting different negative emotions and guilt feelings towards themselves.
  • Focus issues, unexpected issues with memory and poor in decision making – Depressive behavior is generally related to many various kinds of cognitive deficits. Still the depressed men and women always tend to take focus on the different issues and lightly recall the poor abilities. If this behavior is untreated, they will get a cognitive impairment problem over time. Similarly, they will get very serious issue to become the anxiety person.
  • Sudden loss of appetite – The appetite of the persons will usually change with the lifestyle and seasonal changes. When there is any serious situation, most of them will not get appetite. The stress will surely affect the appetite of the people and as well as cause major variations in their weight.
  • Persistent pessimism – Everyone is bothered by such depressed persons who always keep on squabbling incessantly. At the same time, they always hold the de-motivating and negative thoughts and opinions on everything and at every time. It is most probably the major sign that such people are dealing with the bigger mental related problem.


When your family member or loved one has all these behaviors then it is known as they are suffered by the depression and it has to be treated immediately and need to divert the person from the issue.