5 mouthwatering sea food dishes you must try in India


1. Amritsari fish fry of Punjab


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Amritsari fish fry of Punjab is one of the best sea food preparations in India and it is a must try. It is a famous street food of Amritsar and is cooked in different spices. The fish here is coated in a batter which is made of spices and then deep fried. It is a pure delight for sea food lovers.

2. Maccher Jhol of Kolkata


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If you are a sea food lover then you have to try out the famous Bengali maccer jhol. Bengal is famous for its fish preparations and tangra macher jhol is one of the most famous ones. It is a side dish and usually eaten with rice. Fish is prepared with different spices, and red chilies. The gravy of the dish is thick and full of flavors. It is seasoned with garlic, turmeric, onions and ginger. The taste of the gravy is just amazing.

3. Bombil Fry of Mumbai


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Known as Bombay duck but in actual it is a fish and a famous dish of Mumbai is made out of it. The preparation is famously known as Bombil which is made of a soft fish. It tastes best when served with rice and dal. They are also served as starters in many places. The fish is marinated with salt, turmeric and chili powder and then fried careful as the fish is delicate. When in Mumbai, tasting Bombil is a must.

4. Zamin Doz Machhli of Lucknow


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Lucknow is famous for many of its preparations and one of it is Zamin Doz Machhli. It is a traditional dish of Awadh, where a whole fish is stuffed with different spices and then sealed in an earthen vessel and then buried in the ground, above which cow dung cake fire is lite for cooking the fish. The cooking process takes about 6 to 7 hours. But the dish that comes out, is just more than amazing. There are many restaurants in Lucknow which are famous for their Zamin Doz Machhli preparation.

5. Assamese MasorTenga


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Last but not the least comes the famous and authentic dish of Assam, MasorTenga. One has to taste it in order to understand that why it has made to this list of best sea food in India. MasorTenga is basically fillets of Rohu fish which is cooked in mustard oil and salt and then dipped in curry made of tomatoes, turmeric and lemon. The dish makes a great combination with rice. This special sea food preparation has a slight tangy flavor.