2 Best Golf Resorts in Bahamas

Bahamas one of the Caribbean countries located in the Atlantic Ocean filled with lots of resorts and other existing features. In simple words its well known as the paradise island for travelers, especially who would loves to enjoy their trip. The most common activity performed by almost every traveler in the Bahamas city is about staying the Golf Resorts.

Golf Resorts

Bahamas is one of the lovely places to get engage with the golf games; the region is fully packed with the variety of golf resorts with the intention of attracting tourists. Here are the top 2 Golf Resorts located in the Bahamas city and little description about those.

One & Only Ocean Club



Well the Ocean club located in the eastern peninsula region. The golf yard consists of 18 holes and has around 72 golf courses. In order to get yourself into the golf courses in the One and Only Ocean Club you need to be a registered member of the club. The Ocean club allows only the registered guests to get involved in the golf courses.

Sandals Emerald Bay



The sandals Emerald Bay is the word wide popular romantic resorts that allows only adults into the bay. The resorts has the all the amenities which are essential for make adults to pleasure themselves, if you are one among the pleasure seeking adults then visiting Sandals emerald bay would be the best option. The resorts have the seven inter-continental restaurants along by grand swimming pools which hold capacity of assisting all the members in it.